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Jing Tian Law Office, previously named Shenzhen Economy and Trade Law Office, was originally founded in January, 1985 as one of the largest state-run law firm in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Since its inception, it has rendered highly professional legal services to domestic and foreign clients and has achieved leading edge in providing legal solutions to their commercial transactions. In 1994, it was renamed and reorganized into a partnership, and was the first partnership law firm stemmed from a state-run law firm in Shenzhen.


In 1992, this firm was granted jointly by the Ministry of Justice and China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) with the No.29127 Qualification Certificate for law firm conducting securities law affairs. Since then Jing Tian has become one of leading law firms offering services in the field of securities law in China.


Since the reorganization, Jing Tian has expanded very rapidly and up to now has 17 partners and over twenty associates. All of the partners and associates were graduated from first class law schools home and abroad and obtained J.S.D, LL.M or LL.B. degrees respectively, whose profound academic background in jurisprudence plus rich practicing experience and dedication, commitment to serve clients constitute the greatest assets of Jing Tian.

Over the past decades, Jing Tian has established close working relations and connections with the P.R.C government in different branches, such as CSRC, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and other administrative authorities. Our firm has, through its services, built up wide contact with business community and reputable law firms home and abroad. All these available resources and high social profile assure our clients efficient and quality services.

Jing Tian adopt an advanced system of organization and management, which keeps in line with those of top international law firms and is characterized with the partners meeting being the highest authority for the firms and the management commission composed of three elected managing partners being responsible for routine management. With the aid of modern office facilities, up-to-date information, and computerized administration, this firm is fully capable of timely providing its clients with quality and efficient services to facilitate their business decisions.

While being proud of its wide spread of clientele, Jing Tian strives to accommodate its foreign clients with fluent English and Japanese-speaking attorneys. When necessary the firm may provide multilingual (e.g. French, Korean, etc) translation service to its clients. In addition to linguistic competence, our attorneys are well familiar with international practices and customs, and fully aware of inter-cultural differences, and therefore may communicate freely with foreign clients.

Thanks to the consistently over decade efforts of all our practitioners, the business coverage of the firm has expanded nationwide and even to different regions of the world. Today the firm represents many corporations and institutions in various sizes home and abroad and enjoys high reputation among the business circles.

Our attorneys strictly observe the professional ethnic and practice disciplines, and will be under obligation to keep confidential of all trade secrets and personal privacy of their clients.

With all the available resources, practicing expertise and professional commitment, Jing Tian is always a law firm that its clients could trust with and rely upon.

Jing Tian, your constant source of confidence and success.

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